Hi everyone, after some peaceful days that were rather dull and without anything interesting, we managed to end the week with a bang after all. First Elon finally mentions a crypto tweet and we decided it was time for another holder airdrop to sweeten the deal even more. …

Our meme contest finally came to a close and and the best entries were picked out with the authors leaving with hefty $MIT prizes for their effort. We hope you enjoyed the contest and we appreciate the feedback. We are looking forward to the next creative event and what you guys will come up with in the upcoming contests.

1. Place — 5,000,000 $MIT and Muskimum Legend Discord Title

Good day everyone, first right off the bat, another round of weekly rewards was handed out to our holders. Over 1,000 you you received a flat amount of 100,000 MIT as a reward for keeping your airdrop tokens instead of selling them right away. …

Good day everyone, this will be just a quick update regarding our 5th Muskimum Impact token burn. At this pace, the remaining tokens in the treasury will become negligible compared to the circulating supply within a matter of days. …

Muskimum Impact

Muskimum Impact Project

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