Hi everyone, after some peaceful days that were rather dull and without anything interesting, we managed to end the week with a bang after all. First Elon finally mentions a crypto tweet and we decided it was time for another holder airdrop to sweeten the deal even more. First though, onto our 9th burn so far:

Mandatory proof of burn: https://bit.ly/2S81lKr

Treasury before the 9th burn

Hey there everyone, it’s been a while since our last story here on medium, however, we have some great news nevertheless! First off, we have been listed on Apeboard Finance and we think of it as a big deal. If you are unfamiliar, Apeboard is an awesome cross-chain DeFi portfolio tracker that supports the most popular chains, including Solana. We encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t already, makes it really easy to keep track of your DeFi coins and tokens over multiple chains, including liquidity and staking pools as well.

In other news, we have completed…

Hey everyone! We grateful and overwhelmed with your positive feedback about our MIT Fairy gift bot. We also appreciate everyone who participated in the last few bot events and helped us in testing the bot drop system. Seems like the Fairy will be here to stay and you can expect more bot events on a regular basis, stay tuned for further announcements!

In other news, more crypto tweets from our beloved Elon meant that there was yet another burn that took place last night. The treasury has really been stretched thin by now and the available supply is really getting…

Our meme contest finally came to a close and and the best entries were picked out with the authors leaving with hefty $MIT prizes for their effort. We hope you enjoyed the contest and we appreciate the feedback. We are looking forward to the next creative event and what you guys will come up with in the upcoming contests.

1. Place — 5,000,000 $MIT and Muskimum Legend Discord Title

Hi everyone, finally we are proud to introduce our airdrop bot you can use on our Discord server. Please welcome the one and only Muskimum Fairy Bot! Our Fairy will host daily events during which you will be able to request an airdrop simply by posting your SOL address. Be sure to have the $MIT token minted beforehand, and if you did everything as instructed, some $MIT should be landing your way shortly. Eligibility will always be announced and explained, but for the first few days no previous token holdings will probably be required. You just need to be a…

Hey everyone, it was a rough day for the crypto market yesterday and we all felt it. MIT also felt the pullback, however this might be a great opportunity for new people to get into the market at a discounted entry point. Especially since we have have some new events and discord activities in store that will be limited only to token holders and not to forget the weekly airdrops that also require you to be a holder in order to participate.

First though, today we will start off with $MIT listing on Solana Beach! A comprehensive network explorer highlighting…

Good day everyone, first right off the bat, another round of weekly rewards was handed out to our holders. Over 1,000 you you received a flat amount of 100,000 MIT as a reward for keeping your airdrop tokens instead of selling them right away. Of course, more is coming soon, enjoy the rewards and stay tuned for other events we have in store, more drops and rewards await!

Despite the fact there were no Elon tweets the last few days to start another round of token burning, we prepared some additional activities for you to take part in and decided…

What’s new on Solana? Well, $MIT of course! We’ve been featured in their SolanaDaily channel along with some interesting names, exciting stuff.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our Muskimum Legend Art Contest. You guys have submitted a lot of unique ideas and solutions for our three event categories, and we have no doubt we will get far with this community’s dedication and enthusiasm. It makes us really happy that our community helped us finish our website! Be sure to check it out to see it in its full glory with the added artwork. One contestant stood out a…

Hi everyone, exciting news all around today! We were hard at work going through all of the submitted forms for our airdrop. At last, we have a finalized list of wallets that will be receiving the drop and have started the distribution phase. It will take some tome for all of the tokens to be distributed so please be patient until the process is completed. The distribution phase should last for 2–3 days in total, but expect an announcement when it is finished so you don’t have to check your wallet all the time.

On the other hand though, it…

Good day everyone, this will be just a quick update regarding our 5th Muskimum Impact token burn. At this pace, the remaining tokens in the treasury will become negligible compared to the circulating supply within a matter of days. And as a result, from now on, we will be comparing the treasury values before and after the burn, rather than the total supply, just to make thing a bit more visible.

Mandatory proof of burn: https://bit.ly/3oeTAxC

Treasury before the 5th burn

Muskimum Impact

Muskimum Impact Project

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