Apeboard listing, weekly holder drops

Hey there everyone, it’s been a while since our last story here on medium, however, we have some great news nevertheless! First off, we have been listed on Apeboard Finance and we think of it as a big deal. If you are unfamiliar, Apeboard is an awesome cross-chain DeFi portfolio tracker that supports the most popular chains, including Solana. We encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t already, makes it really easy to keep track of your DeFi coins and tokens over multiple chains, including liquidity and staking pools as well.

In other news, we have completed another weekly distribution of $MIT tokens to our holders. Everyone who held over 200k MIT received an additional than you bonus of 200k MIT. We are grateful for all of your support, especially now when the crypto narrative is not so optimistic compared to a few weeks ago. We will still continue to support our community and hope that, together, we can push through through these tough times into a much more positive situation for all of us. There are also more drops planned soon, next up will be a proportional drop for the holders so there is still time to acquire more $MIT and maximize the potential drop received. If anything, prices are on the low side at least for the time being and favour accumulating.



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