Even more burns

Muskimum Impact
1 min readMay 14, 2021

Good day everyone, this will be just a quick update regarding our 5th Muskimum Impact token burn. At this pace, the remaining tokens in the treasury will become negligible compared to the circulating supply within a matter of days. And as a result, from now on, we will be comparing the treasury values before and after the burn, rather than the total supply, just to make thing a bit more visible.

Mandatory proof of burn: https://bit.ly/3oeTAxC

Treasury before the 5th burn
Treasury after the 5th burn

Elon is really making us do quite a burn streak and at this pace, the treasury will be reduced to a joke in no time. Hope you managed to obtain your tokens and are holding onto them through all of the excitement.

Apart from burning, the team has been busy getting the first token distribution ready, as well as securing additional listings to put $MIT on the crypto map. More information regarding those will be made available soon, stay tuned.