Fairy airdrop bot, yet another burn

Muskimum Impact
2 min readMay 21, 2021

Hi everyone, finally we are proud to introduce our airdrop bot you can use on our Discord server. Please welcome the one and only Muskimum Fairy Bot! Our Fairy will host daily events during which you will be able to request an airdrop simply by posting your SOL address. Be sure to have the $MIT token minted beforehand, and if you did everything as instructed, some $MIT should be landing your way shortly. Eligibility will always be announced and explained, but for the first few days no previous token holdings will probably be required. You just need to be a constructive and contributing member of the MIT community. More details about the events and how to participate can be found on our Discord server in the “Airdrop bot” section. So feel free to join, take part and earn some airdrops on demand!

After some days of crypto silence, Elon decided to get back into crypto talk on Twitter which means it’s time to burn some $MIT again! The treasury is really taking a beating now, in less than 2 weeks its it down to less that 10% of the total supply. Markets got hit hard in the last 2 days, but we’re all coming back stronger than ever and look forward to the upcoming days and positive price action.

Mandatory proof of burn: https://bit.ly/3bJowBc

Treasury before the 7th burn
Treasury after the 7th burn

Don’t forget that our meme contest is still going on for a few days, go tell Elon what a clown he is! Hope you’re all doing great and stay tuned for the next Fairy bot airdrop!