Market status, airdrops on demand, Solana beach listing

Muskimum Impact
2 min readMay 20, 2021

Hey everyone, it was a rough day for the crypto market yesterday and we all felt it. MIT also felt the pullback, however this might be a great opportunity for new people to get into the market at a discounted entry point. Especially since we have have some new events and discord activities in store that will be limited only to token holders and not to forget the weekly airdrops that also require you to be a holder in order to participate.

First though, today we will start off with $MIT listing on Solana Beach! A comprehensive network explorer highlighting core Solana statistics, with view validator information, cluster data, transaction throughput, and more. There you can check all relevant info regarding the $MIT token and markets in great detail. Such recognition is a big deal so go and have a look se for yourself:

Now, to give you a sneak peak on what is in the works, we will enable all of our higher roles on discord (perhaps even humans) a chance to get some $MIT dropped to their wallet on request simply by providing their SOL address. The key here is obtaining the roles, and that is quite simple, just be an active community member on our discord, participate in conversations and topics, help others and so on, you get the idea. If you are not a member, head over to our Discord server and get in on the action. Not to spill the beans too soon, stay tuned for our announcements later today for additional info on how to participate and acquire additional tokens!