Meme contest results, more Fairy bot events

Muskimum Impact
May 22, 2021

Our meme contest finally came to a close and and the best entries were picked out with the authors leaving with hefty $MIT prizes for their effort. We hope you enjoyed the contest and we appreciate the feedback. We are looking forward to the next creative event and what you guys will come up with in the upcoming contests.

1. Place — 5,000,000 $MIT and Muskimum Legend Discord Title
2. Place — 3,000,000 $MIT
3. Place — 1,000,000 $MIT

In other news, our Fairy bot got quite the reception and will be making an appearance in the days to come on a daily basis so make sure you pay attention on our Discord sever and try to catch the mini event as the Fairy wont be active for all that long. So keep your eyes peeled and be quick!