MIT Fairy appearance, yet more burns

Muskimum Impact
2 min readMay 25, 2021

Hey everyone! We grateful and overwhelmed with your positive feedback about our MIT Fairy gift bot. We also appreciate everyone who participated in the last few bot events and helped us in testing the bot drop system. Seems like the Fairy will be here to stay and you can expect more bot events on a regular basis, stay tuned for further announcements!

In other news, more crypto tweets from our beloved Elon meant that there was yet another burn that took place last night. The treasury has really been stretched thin by now and the available supply is really getting low compared to the numbers we had at launch. We hope you are holding on to your tokens as they may prove hard to acquire in the times to come.

Proof of burn:

Treasury before the 8th burn
Treasury after the 8th burn

We hope all of you are aware that the exciting times are yet to come. Especially after a few more tweets when we deplete the treasury even more, the majority of the tokens will then be in circulating supply among the community for you to do with them and control as you see fit.