Rewards and memes

Muskimum Impact
2 min readMay 18, 2021

Good day everyone, first right off the bat, another round of weekly rewards was handed out to our holders. Over 1,000 you you received a flat amount of 100,000 MIT as a reward for keeping your airdrop tokens instead of selling them right away. Of course, more is coming soon, enjoy the rewards and stay tuned for other events we have in store, more drops and rewards await!

Despite the fact there were no Elon tweets the last few days to start another round of token burning, we prepared some additional activities for you to take part in and decided to reward the best ones with some hefty $MIT amounts.

That being said, we are proud to open our very first meme season. Since, Elon likes to meme the market now it’s time for the market to meme Elon. Lock and load your Memes, show @elonmusk that one does not simply meme. Let’s try to trigger the Muskimum Endgame Event and distribute those sweet gains! For everyone who forgot, Muskimum Endgame Event distributes 10% of the remaining Treasury as an Airdrop to all current hodlers. Detailed rules can be found on our Discord server, check the #meme-contest-rules channel for additional info. Try to keep things civil, no NSFW entries will be accepted. There are a total of 9,000,000 MIT tokens up for grabs for the best memes and you have until May the 22nd to post your entries. Best of luck!