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Muskimum Impact
2 min readMay 16, 2021

What’s new on Solana? Well, $MIT of course! We’ve been featured in their SolanaDaily channel along with some interesting names, exciting stuff.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our Muskimum Legend Art Contest. You guys have submitted a lot of unique ideas and solutions for our three event categories, and we have no doubt we will get far with this community’s dedication and enthusiasm. It makes us really happy that our community helped us finish our website! Be sure to check it out to see it in its full glory with the added artwork. One contestant stood out a bit more than the others and had the best entries in two categories! Congratulations to the following contestants, or shall we say, Muskimum Legends!

Muskimum Boost Category — 5,000,000 $MIT — Muskimum Legend Discord Title - nurairstalk

Muskimum Impact Category — 5,000,000 $MIT — Muskimum Legend Discord Title - nurairstalk

Muskimum Endgame Category — 5,000,000 $MIT — Muskimum Legend Discord Title - tryadicn

With Elon being as busy as he is, seems like we can’t publish a story without mentioning a recent burn so here goes. Yet another one, again burning 50% of the current treasury, supply is really getting thin by now. Treasury was standing at 4,162,781,250 tokens, so we burned 50%, which comes out to exactly 2,081,390,625 $MIT. It’s incredible that in exactly one week, our Treasury dropped from over 145 billions to just 2!

Mandatory proof of burn:

Treasury before the 6th burn
Treasury after the 6th burn

Also, just to mention our weekly holder rewards will be distributing soon so keep your eyes peeled and acquire some MIT tokens if you haven’t already so you to may be eligible for our weekly holder drops.