We gave every holder 25% extra tokens. And it’s going to keep happening!

The time quickly came for our first weekly Muskimum Boost event. 5% of tokens were taken out of the treasury to be distributed according to our rules of distribution mentioned in the whitepaper. As a thank you to our early supporters who were with us from the very start, we decided to give something back to everyone who held $MIT in their wallet and awarded them with an additional +25% of $MIT on top of their current holdings. We plan to continue rewarding all holders in the future and there is still time for everyone to get in on the action and participate. We still have a lot in store for the community so even the newcomers that have just joined have an opportunity to get extra value from the tokens since the main requirement is just to hold them in the wallet and be rewarded with additional value through our various events and burns we have planned.

The token is available on Serum DEX exchanges, and you can get MIT tokens from the following market:

  1. Open a Serum based dex (for example dex.raydium.io) and connect your Solana wallet (like sollet.io)
  2. Click “Add custom market” (click the little “+” icon) and fill in the info:

Market id: 3mhrhTFrHtxe7uZhvzBhzneR3bD3hDyWcgEkR8EcvNZk Market Label: MIT/USDC
Base label: MIT

3. Place your order and you are done

Overall, we are impressed with such awesome results and interest only a few days after launch. We are grateful to have such a dedicated and great community and we will be hard at work on providing you with new events and activities. Stay tuned for further announcements as we still have in store for everyone.

Although we already burned over 85% of tokens, the price has only risen by 60% at the time of writing. That still sounds pretty good since it has only been 3 days since the launch, however, with more burning guaranteed, the current entry point for new supporters might prove quite beneficial in the future.




Muskimum Impact Project

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Muskimum Impact

Muskimum Impact

Muskimum Impact Project

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