Airdrop distribution, MIT logo on Solana!

Muskimum Impact
2 min readMay 15, 2021

Hi everyone, exciting news all around today! We were hard at work going through all of the submitted forms for our airdrop. At last, we have a finalized list of wallets that will be receiving the drop and have started the distribution phase. It will take some tome for all of the tokens to be distributed so please be patient until the process is completed. The distribution phase should last for 2–3 days in total, but expect an announcement when it is finished so you don’t have to check your wallet all the time.

On the other hand though, it won’t be coming up roses for everybody. Over 6,500 forms were submitted, however, most people either weren’t paying attention close enough, or the entries were submitted by bots. There were a lot of wrong answers, nonexistent wallet addresses, unminted tokens and even cheaters who attempted to steal other users nicks and post for their own benefits. The entire list was checked and filtered from such entries and as a result, about 1000 of you will be receiving the drop.

As we strive to take actions that benefit you, our supporters and holders, the most, we will be making sure the airdrop distribution is complete before we execute our next weekly rewards for holders. That way more of you can participate in the reward program and those who already are a holder will simply benefit even more. If you are still not a holder and were too late to participate in the airdrop, the MIT token is readily available on Serum DEX exchanges so you still have time to acquire some before the next wave of weekly rewards is handed out. The quickest way is to use our very own market, or you can check out one of our previous stories where we explain how to manually add the MIT market to any DEX exchange

We are also glad to report that our logo and name can finally be seen in both and phantom wallets as well as on Solana explorer! No more “unknown token” or random characters! A big deal being recognized like that directly on the blockchain. We are thankful for the support that made it possible, keep it up everyone.